Friday, August 26, 2011

Finally we got some family pics

So after being married for 10 years and the oldest grandchild being six, it was time for a family photo. We kept on meaning to do it and never did. So when we came for a visit in July, I got everyone together for a super fast and cheap photo shoot. My dad took the pics. Thank you Dad! And we went to a local state park. So here are the fruits of my labor. I think they turned out really well. It was a really hot day so everyone was uncomfortable and wanted to get it done really fast. We had a lot of fun and I really appreciated everyone's cooperation. Thank you! Love you guys!!

Blake would not stop making that silly face. I have to admit that it's a really cute face but it got into about 85% of the pics. Lovely. All we need are a few, right?

Love this one. I just wish Ethan was in it.

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  1. hooray for fam pictures! love love love the last one too!!!! y'all are so cute!